High End Simplicity

Whistler, BC
House, 3100 sq ft
Completion: 2007

This family home was built on a beautiful south facing lot for a prominent local realtor and builder with discerning tastes. Their principle requirement was for a home that they could ‚Äúlive in‚ÄĚ. The design mandate was to create a comfortable, warm but contemporary home with clean lines and minimal space for clutter. CFI proposed consistency in the choice of materials, woods and stains throughout to provide a distinct yet unified concept. The architectural elements were showcased though lighting and a neutral colour palette. The simplicity of detailing in the cabinetry, joinery and stair case is juxtaposed with the sophistication of the furnishing. The house features several green building initiatives.


High-end Simplicity, Whistler the Magazine, Summer/Fall 2007